Loved by top coaches and consultants.

“KitBoard is great if your Creator business has a sales team. With your sequences and automation setup, your sales team knows exactly the right time to reach out.”

“KitBoard works seamlessly with ConvertKit and opens up so many possibilities for automated and personal follow up with my best leads. I love being able to easily tag and nurture my subscribers, add notes to their profile, and see all my personal email conversations in one place. There’s really no need for me to use another CRM or duct tape a bunch of other tools together.”


“KitBoard’s seamless integration with ConvertKit has simplified my sales process and eliminated the need for multiple tools. It’s been a game-changer! ”

Co-founder, School of Traditional Skills

KitBoard screenshot of visualization.

Visualize your ConvertKit data like never before to close more sales.

Building an audience is a powerful strategy for driving sales, but some products require a more personal approach.

While many tools cater to fully automated sales funnels or mass marketing, KitBoard bridges the gap for creators who need to engage their audience personally before closing a sale.


“Before” KitBoard

Managing your ConvertKit subscriber data in a CRM context used to be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Setting up multiple data and workflow automations to transfer data between platforms was a tedious and expensive task.

Spend time building an audience and selling products,

not on setup/fixing complicated workflows across multiple tools.

How KitBoard Works:

Transform Audience into Clients

Meet Barrett, an executive coach who expanded his reach to 1,000 newsletter subscribers using ConvertKit. Here’s how Barrett uses KitBoard with ConvertKit to level up his direct sales efforts:


Barrett includes a call-to-action in his newsletters for his coaching services.

Tagging & Tracking

Interested subscribers click within an email and automatically get tagged in ConvertKit, which triggers an informative email sequence and their addition to Kitboard’s prospect column.


Prospects can easily schedule a call with Barrett, moving them to the next stage automatically, where Barrett can prepare and personalize his approach.


Barrett monitors and responds to client questions via KitBoard’s Gmail integration.


Once Barrett secures a client, a simple drag-and-drop on KitBoard triggers a welcome sequence, integrating seamlessly with ConvertKit.

“High-touch, premium experiences deserve a sales process that reflects the underlying value. KitBoard gives me a simple but effective way to manage the sales process for my coaching business on top of my favorite tool I already use: ConvertKit.”

Executive Coach

With KitBoard, every lead and each stage of your personalized sales process
is visualized and seamlessly integrated directly with ConvertKit.

Use Cases

Turn your audience into your customer

Course sales

Often high-value courses and memberships require a personal sales touch to close the sale. Build a custom sales pipeline for each course and integrate with custom automations in ConvertKit.

Productized services

Copywriters, designers, marketers, and more: Build the perfect pipeline from your audience to a productized service business.


The best people you can hire for your creator business are often right there in your audience. But how do you filter from tens of thousands of subscribers down to the perfect person? 


Kitboard is perfect for coaches to find ideal leads from a mass audience, nurture them through the sales process, and land them as long-term clients.


Transform your sales workflow

Build a custom sales flow for your product.

Track leads at every step of your funnel.

Automate follow up and educational sequences.

Create multiple boards to track sales funnels for each of your different products.

One source. All of your audience data is maintained in ConvertKit.

Manually add new leads to go through your sequences.

Track and Edit ConvertKit’s Custom Field data directly in Kitboard’s UI (deal size, website, notes, and more).

Specify field data types like Text, Dollars or Number, and aggregate Custom Field data across each individual stage of your pipeline.


Choose the right plan for you


/ year

  • Unlimited boards
  • Up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Basic chat support


/ year

  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Compatible with ConvertKit automations
  • Priority chat Support
  • Gmail Integration to view full conversations with subscribers


Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers.

Does KitBoard work with the free plan for ConvertKit?

Yes. KitBoard works with all ConvertKit plans.

How does KitBoard integrate with ConvertKit?

Simply enter your ConvertKit API key on KitBoard’s platform and all of your subscriber and account data is instantly synced.

How do KitBoard boards work with ConvertKit data?

Each board in KitBoard represents a set of tags pulled directly from your ConvertKit account. For example, a KitBoard board created to track the sales process of a 1:1 coaching program might use the tags Prospect, Interested and Closed from your ConvertKit account.

When setting up your board, you can either use an existing tag already created in your ConvertKit account, or simply add new tags all directly within KitBoard’s platform. A subscriber tagged with one of these tags will show up on your board automatically.

Do I have to make a change in ConvertKit when I update subscriber data in KitBoard?

No. If you change a subscriber’s tag from one column to another, KitBoard automatically removes the first column’s tag and adds the second column’s tag automatically.

If you click into an individual subscriber’s view to add a note or change the value of a custom field, this information is automatically updated instantly within ConvertKit.

Can I view email correspondence with a subscriber directly in KitBoard?

Yes. With KitBoard’s Gmail integration, you can view all emails you’ve sent or received from that subscriber directly in KitBoard. Note, this feature is only available on the Pro plan.